Timetable for applications for pupillage commencing in 2018. 

In recent years we have found it helpful to recruit our pupils outside the Pupillage Gateway system. Applications are made direct to chambers on the timetable below. You may find it helpful to make a note of these dates in your diary now to make sure you will be available as we are usually unable to accommodate individual requests for a change in timetable.

  • Applications open 28 November 2016
  • Application deadline 24 February 2017
  • First Round Interviews: weeks commencing 6 and 13 March 2017
  • Final round interviews: April 2017
  • Offers: 28 April 2017

What We Look For

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We select our pupils on the basis that we hope and expect they’ll become tenants. We also hope that, in time, they’ll develop into leading practitioners.

We look for candidates with:

  • A strong academic interest in the criminal law and related fields.
  • The ability to become effective advocates before a judge or jury.

We take on the brightest and best applicants regardless of background. We encourage applications from anyone who believes they have the qualities to succeed in our chambers.

That said, competition is fierce. Candidates with a degree result lower than 2:1 rarely reach the first round of interview unless there are mitigating circumstances.

The Application Process

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Each year we receive around 250 to 300 applications. We select 50 to 70 candidates for a first round interview, then approximately 15 for a second round. Here’s some information on what to expect if you’re invited for interview.

First Round

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This is a 15-minute interview with two members of chambers. We’ll ask you about your application form, and to discuss a piece of written material (e.g. a short case, or an extract from a case). We’ll give you the written material to read about 15 minutes in advance of your interview. We don’t expect you to have any prior knowledge of the written material. In fact we try to select topics that students are unlikely to have come across in their studies, so no one is put at a disadvantage. We’re interested in your approach and your analysis.

Second Round

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Prior to this interview, we’ll contact you and ask you to submit a short piece of written work. During the interview, we’ll give you another piece of written material for discussion. We’ll also you ask some questions which aim to measure your potential as an advocate. As with the first round, our questions are designed to assess potential, not to test your knowledge of any particular area. Second interviews usually last around 20 minutes.


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Timetable for applications for pupillage commencing in 2018. 

  • Applications open 28 November 2016
  • Application deadline 24 February 2017
  • First Round Interviews: weeks commencing 6 and 13 March 2017
  • Final round interviews: April 2017
  • Offers: 28 April 2017

How to Apply

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We use our own application form for selecting pupils which can be accessed here.



Equality & Diversity Monitoring

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Chambers is committed to meeting the aims and commitments set out in its Equality & Diversity Policy.

We therefore ask all applicants to fill in our Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form which can be accessed here. Please note, filling in this form is voluntary. The information you provide will stay confidential and will be stored securely.

Completed forms should be sent to diversity@6kbw.com.

Third Six Pupillages

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We invite applications for third six pupils twice a year during the following periods:

  • 13 Febuary 2017 to 13 March 2017
  • 14 August to 11 September 2017

If you apply to us outside of these times it is very likely we will simply ask you to re-apply during these periods so please bear them in mind.

We ask candidates interested in a third six pupillage to submit a letter of application and CV, to be sent to Lucy Organ. It is often useful to set out in your letter of application why you are interested in chambers and our areas of practice, and what previous experience and qualifications you possess.


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We welcome applications for mini-pupillages throughout the year: please contact Richard Evans enclosing a covering letter, CV and dates of availability.