6KBW College Hill aims to provide the highest standard of service to all its clients

  • All enquiries will be dealt with by an experienced clerk
  • Clients will have telephone access to a clerk at all times
  • Clients will receive open and honest feedback from clerks regarding suitability & availability of Counsel
  • At all times Counsel and Clerks will provide a polite, efficient and friendly service
  • 6KBW College Hill will make every possible effort to meet reasonable deadlines
  • On receipt of every brief or instruction an acknowledgement will be sent to the client
  • Clients will be informed at the earliest opportunity of anything which may affect the preparation, representation or listing of their case
  • Clients will be informed at the earliest opportunity of any delay in Counsel providing paperwork
  • In the event of any complaint or expression of dissatisfaction, all complaints will be formally acknowledged within 7 days. (See Complaint Policy)

Chambers will:

  • Offer services from 8.30am till 6.30pm Monday to Friday
  • Endeavour to answer all telephone calls within 30 seconds
  • Provide a telephone response or electronic response to voicemail enquiries or requests at the earliest opportunity, but within 12 hours
  • Will act upon/respond to receipt of e-mail messages to the clerks
  • Correspondence to the clerks will be acted upon on the day of receipt
  • Respond to all enquiries will be made within 7 days
  • An attendance note will be sent to Instructing Solicitors in respect of Magistrates’ Court hearings or short Crown Court hearings within 1 day of the hearing if not the same day
  • Dispatch papers via post or DX after consultation with Instructing Solicitors

Seminar / Conferences

Client feedback is sought at each conference/seminar to monitor client needs/requirements. This is used to evaluate and improve if necessary the service provided and to measure and monitor current trends.

Chambers’ Complaints Procedure can be viewed on our website here.

Chambers operates an Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy, this can be viewed on our website here.