Martyn offers 31 years’ experience at the Criminal Bar in the full range of criminal and quasi-criminal work, both as Junior and Leading Junior at both Crown Court and Appellate levels.

He has regularly appeared at the Central Criminal Court and at Crown Court centres across the country. He also has considerable experience as a prosecutor in Military Court Centres.

Martyn has frequently appeared in the Court of Appeal, Administrative Court and twice in the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court) .

He is always prepared to “go the extra mile”

He has always sought to maintain a balanced practise of both defence and prosecution work.

Martyn has previously been monitored for Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court and is currently a Grade 4 prosecutor.

He also prosecutes for the Services Prosecution Authority and the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner and represented the country’s largest nuclear power company in a prosecution brought by the Environment Agency following the escape of radioactive material at a decommissioned nuclear power station in Essex.


Legal 500 2017 C&P 2018


Leading Junior

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Martyn has appeared in cases as a Leading Junior involving:

  • Manslaughter
  • Rape
  • Kidnap
  • Blackmail
  • False Imprisonment
  • Human Trafficking
  • Importation of Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Car ringing
  • Fraud
  • Riot and Violent Disorder

Junior Alone

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As Junior alone, Martyn has extensive experience of cases involving:

  • Serious Sexual Offences
  • Causing Death by Dangerous Driving
  • Cruelty to Children
  • Serious violence against the person
  • Possession of Firearms
  • Supply of drugs
  • Cases involving defendants with mental health issues
  • Money laundering and confiscation
  • Environmental Law
  • Trading Standards

He has been instructed as Junior Counsel in numerous murder cases including a number of high profile gang related offences.

Notable Recent Cases

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  • Prosecution of 6 defendants charged with kidnap, blackmail and possession of prohibited weapons.
  • Represented the Prosecution in a 5 day challenge to the legality of variable speed limit technology on the UK motorway system.
  • Defended in a case involving serious injuries to a five month old child.
  • Defence for client accused of two rapes and indecency with a child.
  • Defended in allegations of historic sex child sex abuse which attracted considerable media attention.


  • Junior counsel for the prosecution in two Murders.
  • Prosecuted rape of 13 year old.
  • Prosecuted allegation of causing death by careless driving.
  • Prosecuted defendant accused of “stalking” a high profile celebrity.
  • Defended a company director in a case involving foreign currency fraud of £20 million.


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Martyn  considers excellent team-work to be crucial in any criminal trial and has consistently received repeat instructions from the full range of professional clients as a result of his approachable and professional style.

Martyn is computer literate and has developed a particular interest in the use of mobile telephone technology and social media in the detection and subsequent prosecution of serious crime.

He places great store upon engaging with both Professional and Lay Clients at the earliest possible stage in the criminal justice process and wherever possible seeks to appear at all pre-trial hearings and have early conferences when instructed to do so.


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  • University of Cambridge, LLB (Hons) Law
  • Inns of Court School of Law

Other Interests

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Martyn has a keen interest in history, politics, current affairs and sport. He is also an avid fan of music of all genres, film and contemporary literature.

Martyn Bowyer has earned the reputation of being able to engage with people of all backgrounds and from many different cultures. He has demonstrated particular empathy with those suffering from addiction and other mental health issues.

He is considered to be diligent, hard-working, trustworthy and highly professional by those who have instructed him.

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