“Excellent”; “a seriously good advocate”; “calm and devastating cross examination”; “an excellent drafter”; “a very very bright man” – Chambers and Partners 2017

Listed in “Chambers and Partners” and “The Legal 500” as one of London’s leading criminal barristers, Jake was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2017, as a Recorder of the Crown Court in 2016 and as Junior Treasury Counsel in 2014.

Jake is recognised as an expert in the conduct of substantial high-profile cases involving complex areas of fact, law and public interest in the Crown Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. His ability to take control of large amounts of complex material and craft it for the purposes of trial or other litigation is well-known, as are his talents for the presentation of such evidence in a way that is comprehensive and easily-accessible. His precise and measured courtroom manner makes him a persuasive advocate. He has developed a particular reputation for the presentation of legal arguments and for being an impressive cross-examiner.

He has appeared in many of the highest profile criminal trials in the country in recent years, involving homicide, corruption in public office, historic sexual abuse, diamond robbery, cybercrime and international criminal conspiracies.

In addition to his work in the criminal courts, Jake has developed an expanding practice in advisory work, judicial review, extradition, and libel law. He brings the skills he has mastered in the preparation and presentation of complex criminal cases to these wider fields, helping lay and professional clients to focus on the core issues that concern them whether that be helping to redress the effects of identity takeover or online fraud, contesting a judicial review application, considering the potential impact of the content of broadcast media.

Before his appointment as Treasury Counsel, Jake was a grade 4 prosecutor and a member of the specialist serious crime panel. He is a member of the faculty of advocacy teachers at Gray’s Inn, of CPS London’s Local Scrutiny and Involvement Panel, and of the Kalisher Trust. He is a training facilitator in Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Training.


Legal 500 2017 C&P 2018


Litigation and Appeals

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Criminal litigation has been at the core of Jake’s practice since he came to the Bar. In that time, his criminal practice has developed to the level that it now exclusively involves the most complex, serious and high-profile criminal cases which are reported on the national and international stage.

He is an acknowledged expert within his field at the preparation and presentation of such cases, of identifying the key issues to be litigated, and in oral and written advocacy at the Crown Court and Court of Appeal. In the appeal courts he has developed a practice conducting appeals against sentence and conviction in cases in which he did not appear at first instance.

Jake brings that experience, and the skills he brings to that field of expertise, to other aspects of litigation and advisory work beyond the criminal sphere.

Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance

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Jake has detailed knowledge of both Part One and Part Two of the Extradition Act 2003. He acts for requesting judicial authorities and governments, as well as for requested persons. He has appeared in cases at first instance and before the Administrative Court, and has a broad knowledge of the appellate process.

Human Rights

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Human rights law flows through all aspects of Jake’s work, from advising on the use that can be made of information contained in documents, to the review of decisions made by a prosecuting authority, or from the rights of a person whose extradition is sought, to the use of evidence in adversarial proceedings.

International Criminal Law

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Jake’s work in criminal law has led to an increased involvement in international cases, and cross-border litigation. Examples include work involving law enforcement agencies in the USA, the West Indies, South America and the Middle-East, as well as with those in Europe.

Media and Information

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Jake has worked with a number of media clients for many years. He regularly advises the entertainment industry on aspects of libel law.

Public and Administrative Law

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Jake has developed a practice which includes work in public and administrative law, advising on and appearing in case of judicial review, including decisions taken by prosecuting authorities and by tribunals.


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  • Queen’s Counsel, 2017
  • Recorder (Midland Circuit), January 2016
  • Junior Treasury Counsel to the Crown at the Central Criminal Court, 2014


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University of Cambridge, MA (Hons) History.

Notable cases

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R v Grant-Murray and Others

For the respondent in conjoined multi-handed murder conviction appeals, before Lord Thomas CJ, Lady Justice Hallett VPCD and Mr Justice Goss, involving the principles expressed in Johnson and the...

R (on the application of D) v DPP

For the respondent in a judicial review of a decision not to charge historic sexual offences.

R v Johnson and others

For the respondent in the decision by the Court of Appeal in a series of conjoined multi-handed murder conviction appeals about the impact of the decision of the Supreme Court in R v Jogee.

Attorney General's Reference (R v W)

For the applicant in the case which reviewed the imposition of sentences of detention for very young offenders convicted of serious crimes.

Attorney General's Reference (No.115 of 2015) (R v Greenfield)

For the applicant in the case which reviewed the meaning of “exceptional circumstances” in the context of the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences to be imposed in firearms cases.

R v Norman

The case concerned a prison officer selling stories to the press. He appealed his conviction on the basis his prosecution was in breach of his Article 10 rights, his anonymity as a source being...

R v Peter Ball; R v Vickery House

Instructed to prosecute these related cases involving historical sexual abuse by two senior Church of England clergymen of young men in their care. Bishop Peter Ball was charged with, and pleaded...

R v Dempsey Nibbs

Trial at the Central Criminal Court of a man who murdered and decapitated his partner.

R v McInerney and Others, R v Kalema and Others

Trials at the Central Criminal Court relating to the murder of Andrew Jaipaul, who was killed by a gang of youths in Holloway.

R v Hall and Others

Trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to the murder of 18 year-old Luke Harwood, who they wrongly accused of rape.

R v Smoured and Others

A trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to the murder of school girl Agnes Sina-Inakoju, shot dead by in a fast food restaurant in Hoxton with a machine gun wielded by members of the London...

R v Deya

A trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to the murder of three year-old Wilson Deya, stabbed to death by his father, Paul Deya.

R v Nankani and McPherson

A trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to the murder of Gary Johnson, killed by Nankani outside the “Ministry of Sound” nightclub, and the attempted murder of Nankani by McPherson in...

R v Kassaye and Others and R v Calderwood

The “Graff Diamonds” trial, concerning Britain’s biggest ever jewellery robbery carried out at the exclusive Bond Street jewellers.

R v Osborne and Others

A trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to the murder of Wayne Freckleton, shot dead in Harlesden.

R v Costa

A trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to the fatal stabbing of Stephen Bigby in Oxford Street.

R v Mulenga and Others

A trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to the murder of former boxer James Oyebola, shot dead in a nightclub in Fulham.

R v Richmond and Others

A trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to the murder of school boy Kodjo Yenga, stabbed to death in Hammersmith Grove.

R v Umo and Others

A series of linked £40million credit card, internet and identity frauds. The cases involved the prosecution of over 40 defendants over a two-year period, and related confiscation proceedings.

R v Zamour and Others

A conspiracy to import cocaine from Peru to Israel via the UK.

R v Ruiz-Duncan

A conspiracy to import and supply drugs worth £10 million from Colombia and Spain.

R v Ruiz-Henao and Others

The smuggling of £30 million of cocaine into the UK from Spain by Colombian gangs.

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21 December

Judicial appointments

We congratulate Jacob Hallam and Mark Weekes on their appointments as Recorders. They will sit on the South Eastern Circuit from January 2016.

8 May

Convictions in Graff Robbery Trial

Convictions in Graff Robbery Trial Jacob Hallam was instructed for the prosecution in the trial of what is said to be the biggest jewellery robbery in British criminal history. The trial resulted...

8 May

Defendants convicted in Ministry of Sound murder

Defendants convicted in Ministry of Sound murder Jacob Hallam was instructed in a case of murder and attempted murder which took place outside the Ministry of Sound nightclub in Elephant and...

8 May

Jacob Hallam instructed in Graff Robbery Trial

Jacob Hallam instructed in Graff Robbery Trial Jacob Hallam is instructed in the trial of what is said to be the biggest robbery in British criminal history. The robbery resulted in a haul of over...