Adina is an experienced advocate and is a leading junior in the area of extradition. She has a wealth of experience in terrorism related cases and corporate crime.

Adina was recently instructed on behalf of the CPS in the inquest into the death of Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned in London after drinking tea laced with polonium-210.


Legal 500 2017 C&P 2018


Criminal Litigation

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Adina has extensive experience in a wide variety of complex, serious and high-profile criminal cases.


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Adina is recognised as a leading junior in the area of extradition and has been described as ‘a formidable force who will not compromise her own high standards or accept compromise in others’.

Adina’s practice includes travelling to other jurisdictions to advise. For example, Adina has travelled to Pakistan and Kenya to advise on extradition matters including complex and extradition issues.

Adina is regularly instructed to advise individuals within and outside the jurisdiction who may be the subject of criminal investigation or proceedings such as complex fraud or bribery investigations and who have extradition related concerns.

Adina has significantly contributed to the development of extradition jurisprudence including the key House of Lords authority of Norris v United States [2008] 1 AC 920, in which Adina was led by David Perry QC in a case concerning whether an offence of price-fixing under US Sherman Act without any aggravating features was a criminal offence in England and Wales.

More recently, Adina acted in the first important Article 8 ECHR authority following the decision the Supreme Court’s decision in HH. This sensitive case concerned the circumstances in which the sole carer of a child could be extradited to Australia (JP v Czech Republic & Australia [2012] EWHC 2603).

Adina is currently instructed in one of the first extradition cases under the 2003 Act in which issues relating to forum provisions arise.

Corporate Crime

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Adina has a wealth of knowledge of white-collar crime including fraud involving complicated structures and specialist industries and includes cases involving alleged corruption of public officials in overseas jurisdictions. Much of Adina’s work in the area of corporate crime overlaps with her expertise in international and extradition law.

Adina was involved in negotiating resolutions on behalf of several clients under investigation by a Special Investigations and Prosecution Team in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The investigation  concerned alleged payments to government officials and the propriety of negotiated contractual terms. The clients included the Sandals company, a developer based in Slovakia and US citizens who had purchased real estate for development.

Adina’s has advised a US citizen, resident in London in relation to conduct which occurred whilst he was the Vice Chairman of Credit Suisse in Argentina. The investigation concerned the 2001 Sovereign debt exchange, known as a ‘Mega Exchange’. In particular, Adina’s advice included a consideration of Argentine criminal law, extradition arrangements and consideration of the comparative English law.

Adina has recently been involved in representing a client extradited from Australia to face criminal proceedings in this jurisdiction for alleged corruption in Bahrain whilst he was employed as the CEO of one of the largest alumina producing companies in the world. The case involved a consideration of Bahraini law, the commercial arrangements of the Bahraini company and a consideration of the detailed circumstances of the relevant contracts and the tendering processes in place at the relevant time. The case was complicated by the involvement of members of the Bahraini royal family in the affairs of the company.

International Criminal Work

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Adina’s work in criminal law has led to an increased involvement in international cases, and cross-border litigation. She has advised individuals involved in protracted international criminal investigations involving allegations of corruption or bribery.

Adina was part of the team which advised and negotiated on behalf of Sandals in relation to contemplated criminal proceedings in more than one jurisdiction. Adina was required to travel to Washington and other US states in order to advise the client, draft statements and to meet with representatives of the United States Department of Justice.

Adina has also represented a client based in Slovakia who was the subject of contemplated criminal and civil proceedings in the Turks and Caicos Islands. As part of her role, Adina met with the Attorney General of the Turks and Caicos to discuss a resolution and was part of the team which succeeded in resolving the case to the satisfaction of the client.

Appellate Work

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Adina has considerable experience of conducting appellate work including in the context of extradition and general crime. Adina has also conducted a number of judicial review cases and has considerable advocacy experience in the appellate courts.

Adina’s practice has given her the opportunity to conduct judicial review and habeas corpus proceedings which may often arise in the context of extradition proceedings. As a result, my criminal practice includes a knowledge of related legal procedures which are often outside of the experience conventional criminal practice.


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  • Crown Prosecution Service – General Crime (Level 4)
  • Rape Advocate Panel (Level 4)
  • Serious Crime Group Advocate (Level 4)
  • Extradition Panel (Level 4)


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King’s College London University, LLB (Hons).

Notable cases

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Turkey v Savas Dilek

High-profile request from the Turkish Government for a man wanted to serve an outstanding prison sentence following his conviction for the murder of his sister and terrorism related offences.

Operation Laverda

Criminal proceedings arising out of protests against cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed

JP v Australia & Czech Republic

Right to respect for private and family life. Extradition of sole carer of child to Australia.

Attorney General’s Reference (No 2 of 2001)

Right to a trial within a reasonable time.

R v Abu Hamza

The trial of the well-known radical preacher for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred and the subsequent appeal (a leading authority on abuse of process).

R v Chaudhary and others

Human trafficking for sexual exploitation involving over 40 women.

R v Abdullah Ahmed Ali and Others

Operation Overt – conspiracy to murder using liquid explosives disguised as soft drinks.

Soleimanpour v Argentina

Advising Secretary of State in relation to the sufficiency of evidence in a case involving the potential extradition of a former Iranian diplomat for explosions at a Jewish community centre in Buenos...

R (Nicolaou) v Redbridge Magistrates’ Court v The Crown Prosecution Service

Judicial review concerning interpretation of provisions of the Child Abduction Act 1984.

R v M

Compatibility of provisions of the Protection of Children Act 1978 with Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights were the subject is aged 17.

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