Traditionally, if a member of the public wanted to instruct a barrister, it was necessary to instruct a solicitor as well. This inevitably pushed up the price of the legal services provided. But now the rules have changed. In appropriate cases members of the public and organisations can instruct a barrister directly. Doing so is cost effective, not only because it avoids the extra expense of instructing a solicitor, but also because barristers tend to have lower overheads than solicitors and therefore charge lower hourly rates.

The rules have changed – members of the public and organisations can instruct a barrister directly

Our barristers are able to provide a broad range of legal services direct to members of the public, including advisory work, drafting and legal representation in court. As can be seen on the rest of our website, our core expertise is criminal law and judicial review. We also have a particularly strong track record of representing individuals and organisations in the appeal courts, such as the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Guidance to members of the public who are considering instructing a barrister directly has been produced by the body which regulates barristers (the Bar Standards Board) and it is available here.

For further information, please contact Richard Summerscales or Chris Feathers on the telephone number below. Richard and Chris are the clerks with responsibility for public access clients. They will be happy to discuss your requirements. For direct access instructions or questions please call us on 020 3301 0910. When we receive your completed form you will be contacted within three working days either by a barrister or by one of our dedicated public access clerks to conduct an initial telephone conference.

Should a barrister be able to accept your instructions we are required by law to ensure we seek further documentation to prove your identity. If you require any further or additional information at any stage then please do not hesitate to contact one of our Public Access Clerks, Richard Summerscales and Chris Feathers.

Fees and Payment

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Barristers’ fees are usually based on hourly rates that vary according to the seniority and experience of the barrister you wish to instruct, and the complexity and urgency of the case.

Fees are negotiated in advance of the work being completed. If possible we will provide you in advance with a fixed price for the work you have requested. Where we do provide a fixed price for a piece of work we will never exceed the amount we have quoted without your express permission. There are no hidden charges or ‘extras’. The barrister will keep a careful record of the hours worked, and this will be itemised on a fee note.

Fee arrangements are agreed separately for each case according to its length and complexity. Our barristers’ fees are flexible and competitive, and are consistent with the high standard of advice and service that we offer.

Paying Fees

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You can pay your legal fees easily and safely through PayPal by clicking on the link below. PayPal is free to use and you can pay with money held in your PayPal account or use another payment method such as a credit card, debit card or your bank account.

Alternatively, a cheque or cash is perfectly acceptable.

Terms of business

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Our terms of business will be contained in an initial letter which we you will receive once you have decided to instruct a barrister. Although the terms of business will need to be tailored to your requirements, our standard terms of business are set out in this document.

Complaints Procedure

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Click here for our Complaints Policy.